Miss Sabrina's Learn the Hail Mary As You Color the Rosary Book
Miss Sabrina's
Learn the Hail Mary As You Color the Rosary
A guide for children ages 6 - 9 and up!

What's a Puarose?

Pua (pū´a), n. 1. A blossom; a flower; a carving in imitation of a flower. v. 1. To blossom, as a plant; to put forth blossoms. To bud, as fruit or flowers. 2. To be derived from; to be the outcome of. 3. To appear at a distance; to rise up, as small quantities of smoke in columns.

~A Dictionary of the Hawaiian Language by Lorrin Andrews
Published by and prepared under the direction of The Board of Commissioners
of Public Archives of the Territory of Hawaii September 1, 1922

Rose (rōz), n. A shrub or climbing vine having sharp prickly stems and variously colored fragrant flowers. pt of Rise (rī z), v. To move from a lower position to a higher one; to extend upward; to meet a challenge or demand.

~Webster's Pocket Dictionary of the English Language
Published by Nichols Publishing Group 2000

Puarose Publishing (pū´a rōz   pub´li shing), n. A Publishing House dedicated to producing and promoting materials that raise the spirit and blossom within the heart.

~Puarose Publishing Mission Statement

"At the evening of life, we shall be judged on our love."
~St. John of the Cross, Dichos de Luz y Amor (Sayings of Light and Love)

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